sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

Week Update - From 07/11 to 07/15

At the beginning of the week, we finished the preparations for the InterSolar North America Conference 2016 in San Francisco. On Tuesday we went to San Francisco to attend the conference,  where we had the opportunity of understanding a little more about solar energy, expend our network, find pontential sponsors and also present a little bit of the work that is being done here in the Spartan Superway facility (this part was presented in a different location, on a hotel).

In order to increase the number of companies known, we divided our team in subgroups. My subgroup was responsible for the 3rd floor. We  talk to representatives from companies like Runsol, Harensolar, and Japan Solar, and we discussed about our project and how the work of the company could be part of it.

In the rest of the week we continued our activities: I continued to construct the safe plan for the shop, included on the blueprint where the fire extinguishers and medical kits should be placed, finished the design of the risk map, mad an inventory of our current first aid supplies and what do we have to procure, checked the current portable fire extinguishers existing on the shop and how much we should acquire, and looked for signages for the harzards in each areas.

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